Installing Gutentor

Installing the Gutentor plugin is very simple and easy. Here are the tips for its installation on your WordPress admin panel:

  • There are three methods to activate any WordPress plugin which apply in Gutentor too.
    1. If your site is live then search Gutentor Plugin from WordPress Repository then install and activate it. You can follow the path below:
      Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Search plugin
      Note: As a similar procedure to install and activate any WordPress Plugin.
    2. Open your WordPress directory and navigate to wp-content/plugins then place the file of the Gutentor plugin. Extract it, if it is a zip/archive file.
    3. Uploading the zip file through the WordPress admin panel itself. You can follow the path below :
      Dashboard > Plugins > Add New >Upload Plugin
      There you can upload the zip file of the Gutentor plugin.
  • Install the plugin and activate it.
  • Now, you can use the Gutentor plugin and start designing your pages and posts without touching single codes.