Disable Redirect after Gutentor Activation

By default when the user activates Gutetor Plugin it will redirect to Gutentor Introduction Page. We believe this will help user to understand and use the Gutentor.
Sometimes when developers are using Gutentor on their theme or plugin, they might want to disable redirection.

Putting the following code on a theme or plugin will prevent redirection. It is recommended to put the code on the companion plugin of the theme.

 * Disable Redirect after Gutentor Activation
 * Priority 1 to execute it before redirection
 * @retun void
add_action( 'admin_init', 'prefix_disable_gutentor_redirect',1);
function prefix_disable_gutentor_redirect(){
    if ( get_option( '__gutentor_do_redirect' ) ) {
        update_option( '__gutentor_do_redirect', false );