How to add Page Templates to Post or Custom Post Types

There are three types of Gutentor Page Templates available now.

By default Gutentor Page Templates or any page templates are available for Pages only.
If you want to add Gutentor Page Templates to any Specific Post type, you can add following code on your Custom plugin or Child theme.

function gutentor_add_post_type_templates(){
add_filter( 'theme_post_templates', [ gutentor_hooks(), 'gutentor_add_page_template' ] );
add_filter( 'single_template', [ gutentor_hooks(), 'gutentor_redirect_page_template' ] );

Note that theme_post_templates is actually a dynamic theme_{$post_type}_templates filter. The dynamic portion of the hook name, $post_type, refers to the post type supported by the templates. E.g. you can hook into theme_product_templates to filter the list of templates for the product post type.