Template Library Issues and Troubleshooting

Whenever you encounter an issue related to fetching templates and blocks libraries due to the Gutentor server error, you can use a plugin called Gutentor Template Library that lets you download all the pre-built libraries to your local server. This way you can use Gutentor libraries without any issue in the future.

By default, this plugin fetches screenshots, images, and templates(demo) JSON files and all the necessary files from the Gutentor server and stores them on your site locally.


  • Download the Gutentor Template Library Plugin.
  • Install the plugin (When you install this plugin it will use your own site).
  • Import the Template and Block libraries.
  • If you accidentally delete this plugin then you should install and import the libraries again.
If you find further issues related to Gutentor then you can contact us via the Support Page.