Global Options

Global setting shows it affect on whole site. For instance, Changing global options will affect all Gutentor blocks.
For example, changing category colour will affect all blocks category colour on demo

Path: You can find Global setting in each page/post editor. At the top editor , you will see a logo of gutentor when we click then a sidebar will open with bunch of setting. You can play with options according to your requirements.


Here are the setting you will get in Global setting.
1. Global Color Palette – It is collection of color palette which will appear in each color options of gutentor block’s color setting . You can manipulates(Add/Edit/Delete) as per your convenient.
2. Global Typography – As name indicate global typography, By changing the typography of each tag(H1 to H6,Text, Button ) will affects globally in the whole site .
3. Global Color – It will affect whole site Heading, Body, Link, Button colour.
4. Global Container Width – It is option through which you can define the width of container in different devices(Large Device, Desktop, Tablet, Mobile ).
5. Post Format – Post Format has setting related post format icon select icon, background color, color of each post format. This changes will shows in post blocks.
6. General Options – It contains different setting which is useful to to design adorable site.