What Makes Gutentor Better Than the Other Page Builders?

Top 3 Points:

Let’s understand why Gutentor is better than other Page Builders:

  • One-click Demo Templates Library for ready-made templates and blocks.
  • Faster Designing Experience.
  • Complete Webpage building blocks with all necessary features.
  • Extremely simple, without adding rows/columns, just adding blocks is sufficient to make a beautiful website.
  • Repeater field to create items inside blocks with drag and drop reorder, edit, delete options.
  • Highly customizable row/columns options are available for creative designers.
  • Advanced options on each block including HTML Tag, Background, Border, Box-shadow, Margin-Padding, Svg shape divider, and built-in animations.
  • Block Template module on each block, Single block multiple design Template.
  • Individual elements full styling options.
  • Device-specific responsive controls.
  • Advanced Typography Options which includes all available google fonts and systems fonts.
  • Video background Options.
  • Inline, Internal, or External CSS files for dynamic CSS.