Gutentor – Page Builder Features

Gutentor has all features of Gutenberg, a revolutionary editor of WordPress plus added powerful design options. Everything you need to create a beautiful website, blog, e-commerce, business, portfolio, or any site you imagine.

Essentials Features

Highly Customizable

Fast Loading

Custom CSS to Each Block

Creative Design Options

Animations Options

Fully Responsive

Advanced Background

No Coding

Sufficient Blocks – Elements

Gutentor Elements

Gutentor Modules

Gutentor Posts (Type)

Gutentor Terms (Category)

Gutentor Widgets

Creative Design Tools

Each Block-Custom CSS

Shape Divider

Block Section HTML Tag

Advanced Background

Responsive Height

Responsive Width

Border Options

Box shadow Options

Responsive Position

Responsive Z-Index

Responsive Show – Hide Display Mode

Animations Options

Removing Default Spacing

Clickable Link on Containers & Columns

Image Shape & Design

Icon Selection and Design

Custom SVG

Gradient Color

Advanced Column

Hover Design Options

Responsive Design Options

Each Element – Full Design

Blog – Post Type

Support Any Post Type

Fully Supports WooCommerce Products

Fully Supports EDD Downloads

Each Post Element Enable, Disable and Sorting

List Grid layout

Template Selecting & Designing

Advanced Query Support

Taxonomy Selection on Query

Order and Order By

Include Exclude Post(Type)

Number of Posts

Author on Query

Nothing Found Text

Column Selection

Post Format Support

Badge Options for Post(Type)

Badge Options with Taxonomy(Category)

Avatar Image Settings

Title, Featured Image, Description Meta, Button & More Setting

Each Post Box Design and Spacing

Post (Type) Featured Design

Post (Type) Carousel – Slider

Post (Type) News Ticker

Post (Type) Navigation

Post (Type) Pagination

Load More Button

Post (Type) Filter by Taxonomy(Category)

Duplex Post (Type) Design

Enable Gutenberg Editor in Any Post Type

Enable Gutentor Templates in Any Post Type

Post Format Icon and Color

Taxonomy Terms

Support Any Taxonomy Terms

Fully Supports Woo Category & Terms

Fully Supports EDD Category & Terms

Each Term Element Enable, Disable, and Sorting

List Grid layout

Template Selecting & Designing

Advanced Query Support

Taxonomy Selection on Query

Order and Order By

Include Exclude Terms

Number of Terms

Hide Empty Terms

Column Selection

Term Color

Term Image

Title, Image, Description, and Button Setting

Item Box Design and Spacing

Term Featured Design

Term Carousel and Slider

Overall Design and Functionalities

Global Settings

Global Color Palette

Global Typography

Global Color

Global Container Width

Optimization Features

Dynamic CSS Load on Head or File

Global Resources Load Option

Load Optimized CSS

Selective Resources Load

Develop Keeping in Mind for Page Speed

Unnecessary Resources CSS and JS Never Load on Your Page

Google Fonts Load Only If It Is Being Used

Unique Google Font Family/Weight With a Single Request

Compatible with Optimization/Cache Plugins

Less Resources ( CSS and JS) Fast Loading

Landing Pages 95+ Results on GTMetrix on Proper Utilization

News/Ecommerce Pages 90+ Results on GTMetrix on Proper Utilization

Other Essentials Features

WooCommerce Landing Page

EDD Landing Page

Extremely Simple

Template Module

Font Awesome Icons

System or Google Fonts

Individual Block Export

Block Importer via files

All Gutenberg Features

Quick Find Block


Always Native WordPress Way

Content Structure

Block Navigation


Switch to Draft

Top Toolbar View

Spotlight Mode

Fullscreen Mode

Visual Editor

Code Editor

Block Manager

Reusable Blocks

Keyboard Shortcode

Copy Paste All Content

Page Related Advanced Options

All Gutenberg Features