Button Group Block

Insert button group and add unlimited buttons with Horizontal and Vertical Style, Responsive Alignment, and Gutentor all Advanced Options.

Gutenberg Button Group Block

Button Group Block features

  • Add Any Number of Button on Button Group

  • Button Style Horizontal or Vertical

  • Block Section ID

  • Block Section HTML Tag

  • Advanced Background with Color, Image, Video, Overlay, Gradient, etc

  • Block Section Responsive Height

  • Block Section Responsive Width After Position Enabled

  • Single Column Spacing with Responsive Margin and Padding

  • Single Column Normal and Hover Border Options

  • Single Column Normal and Hover Box Shadow Options

  • Block Section Design with SVG and Image with Advanced Options

  • Responsive Position Static, Relative, Absolute, and Fixed

  • Responsive Z-Index

  • Display Mode with Hiding on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile

  • Animation Options

  • Custom CSS

Button Group Block Demo

Symptoms covid-19

What are the symptoms of covid-19

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  • High Fever

  • Continuous Dry Cough

  • Shortness of Breath

  • Headache

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