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Similar to Post (Type) block but in Term (Category) you can customize any term with a beautiful design. Useful for WooCommerce Categories, Post Categories, Travel Categories, or any Term you would like to display on your site.

Image Hover Block – Pro

  • List and Grid Layout

  • 2 Grid Templates

  • 1 List Templates

  • Enable or Disable Reverse Content on List

  • Advanced Query

  • Query Select Any Taxonomy

  • Query Order by Date, Title, Menu Order, Comment Count, Modified Date, Random and Meta Value Number

  • Query Meta Value Number Meta Key

  • Query Order Ascending or Descending

  • Query Include Terms By Ids

  • Query Excludes Terms By Ids

  • Query Number of Terms

Image Hover Block Demo

Image Hover: Template 1

Image Hover: Template 1, Style 1

Image Hover: Template 1, Style 2

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