Gutentor Blocks – Popup Options


Everyone knows the importance of the Popup. Gutentor allows showing popup on different blocks. Popup content can be an image, video(YouTube, Vimeo, or self-hosted), or any linked content. Using link content you can show anything on Popup.

Gutentor allows creating Popup on the following Blocks.

Image Popup

On Image Popup, you can show an image from Media Library or External Image URL as Popup.

Try Image Popup by clicking this image icon.

Video Popup

On Video Popup, you can show a video from Media Library, YouTube, or Vimeo.

Link Popup

Any URL link can be used as Popup content. This is the most advanced way to create a popup that allows any content inside the popup. You can design a popup page using Gutentor Canvas Page Templates and add a link to the popup. 

Popup Supported Blocks

Gutentor Elements => Button:

  • It supports Link Popup.

  • From Link Options Select Popup.

  • Enter URL and The URL will open in a popup.

Gutentor Elements => Video Popup:

It supports Video Popup.

Gutentor Modules => Filter: ( Use Gallery as inner Block)

Same as Gallery