Google Map Block

Display a Google Map on your website with Google Map API.

Gutenberg Google Map Block

Google Map Block features

  • Google Maps API Key

  • Center Location, Latitude and Longitude

  • Position, Zooming and Height

  • Unlimited Custom Markers with Location, Latitude, Longitude, Title and Description

  • Map Controls

  • Enable – Disable Draggable Map

  • Enable – Disable Map Type Control

  • Enable – Disable Zoom Control

  • Enable – Disable Full Screen Control

  • Enable – Disable Full Screen Control

  • Enable – Disable Street View Control

  • Responsive Spacing with Margin and Padding

  • Responsive Z-Index

  • Responsive Position Static, Relative, Absolute and Fixed

  • Animation Options

  • Display Mode with Hide on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile

  • Custom CSS

Google Map Block Demo

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