Module – Pro

Advanced Popup

Design Advanced Popup which can be displayed Anytime, Anywhere, and Anyplace on your website.

Advanced Popup Features – Pro

  • Enable/Disable Popup Setting.

  • Popup Load Mode Initial or via Ajax

  • Popup Type: Modal, Fullscreen, Side, Topbar, and Bottom Bar

  • Popup Width

  • Selected Devices Display Desktop, Tablet, Mobile or All

  • Popup Condition: Exclude or Include

  • Popup Condition: Entire Site

  • Popup Condition: Front Page

  • Popup Condition: Home Page

  • Popup Condition: All Post Type Archive or Selective Post Type Archive

  • Popup Condition: All Taxonomy Archive or Selective Taxonomy Archive

  • Popup Condition: All Author Archive or Selective Author Archive

  • Popup Condition: All Singular or Selective Singular Post, Page, or Custom Post Types.

  • Popup Multiple Conditions

  • Popup Trigger: On Page Load with Timing

  • Popup Trigger: On Scroll with Direction and Distance

  • Popup Trigger: On Click

  • Popup Trigger: Idle with Timing

  • Popup Options: Animation

  • Popup Options: Fixed Content Position

  • Popup Options: Fixed Background Position

Popup Block Demo

Popup : Modal

You can use more popup like Bottom Bar, Top Bar, Full Screen,Top Left – Side, Top Right – Side, Bottom Left – Side and Bottom Right – Side

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