Page Templates

Gutentor Provide Different Page Templates for Landing Page and Normal Pages

The Page templates are the main page or document of your website. Mainly users are very interested in modifying their page templates to give it an enhancing new look. Hence, Gutentor provides an awesome feature of page templates for letting its users experiment with template designs.

Now, let’s see how to begin updating the page template of a website.

You can simply create any page or select an existing one.

Let’s learn about the tools in detail:

Status & Visibility

Here, you can control whether you want to publish your page or keep it in a queue.


Here, you edit and update the last part of the URL of your website.

Featured Image

Here, you can set a featured image for your website which will appear at the top of the webpage.


In the Excerpt box, you can put some extra text that will appear on your webpage at a certain part.


Here, you can control whether you want to set comments on your webpage or not.

Page Attributes

Here, you can choose the type of model you want for your webpage.


You will have the given option:

  • Default Page

  • Gutentor Full Width

  • Gutentor Canvas

Parent Page

On the parent page, you can select any page for the parent page.

Note: Check the drop-down option of each section for selection.