Clickable Columns and Containers


Gutentor has already link options on buttons, text, and almost all elements. Since Gutentor Elements are used in Gutentor Modules, elements inside the module can have links but how about the whole container or columns?

With the introduction of Clickable Columns and Containers Features, now you can have link options on the modules too. With this feature, users can hover and click the whole column or container instead of smaller elements inside it. It will increase user experience and link click rate.

Gutentor Modules Link Options
  • Container

  • Dynamic Columns Each Single Column

  • Advanced Columns Each Single Column

Gutentor Widgets Link Options
  • Image Widget

  • Content Widget

  • Team Widget

  • Counter Widget

  • Restaurant Menu Widget

  • Pricing Widget

  • Gallery Widget

  • Social Links Widget

  • Progress Bar Widget

Gutentor Modules – Container and Columns Clickable Link
Gutentor Widgets – Each Column Clickable Options