Import / Export Blocks and Templates on Gutenberg

Avoid Repeated Task to create similar types of design


Gutentor has an Import feature that lets you import demo pre-built templates on your website. There are three simple ways to import the demo data in Gutentor.
Firstly, when you create a new page or simply open the existing one, you will find ‘Advanced Block Import’s in the blue button at the left corner.
Click on it, you will find three options for importing the demo data.


In this option, you can import the ready-made blocks into your page or posts.

In this option, you can import the pre-built template stored in the admin panel.

In this option, you can import the demo blocks from an external source. You will need to import the blocks from the JSON file.


As for the Export, you can download the JSON file of the template which you can later import to another page or post.

Firstly create a new page or select an existing one. Add blocks and design your web template. You will find ‘Block Template Export’ at the top right for exporting the JSON file of your template.

Simply follow the steps below:

1. Copy the style from the respective block(e.g Block A).

2. Paste to the similar block which lies another section (e.g Block A).

  • Open WordPress admin panel dashboard.

  • Go to Pages > Add New > Set the title of the page.

  • Design your webpage using the editing features.

  • At the top left side, you will find the blue button named Block Template Export. Click on it and the .json file of the page will be downloaded to your computer. You can use the JSON file later on for another purpose.